Kitchen Accessories

Browse our selection of favorite kitchen accessories, cooking equipment and gadgets to both compliment your kitchen and make your life easier. Each week we search the web for the latest kitchenware equipment and bring you the most popular, and most innovative products at the best prices.


If you need to find the perfect birthday, housewarming, or christmas gift for a budding chef, then look no further.

Its seems there is a trend for red and pink in the kitchen right now but personally we can’t recommend stainless steel enough!


If you are thinking of buying a potato ricer click here to see our selection.

Kitchen scales

Our selection of best selling digital and analogue scales. Digital offer more accuracy in a more compact, lightweight unit, accurate to the gram, but nothing can be more stylish than a traditional set of cast iron scales. Salter scales have a liquid measure function which is perfect when adding milk or water to a mixture you have weighed out!

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Keep your knifes sharp with diamond precision. All the sharpeners below are perfect for expensive hardened knives and will not unecceserily wear or damage your knives. Most will sharpen serated blades and scissors also. The Taylors eye witness sharpener is in The New York Museum of Modern Art as a design classic having been developed and still used in the American meat industry, and The Chef’s Choice sharpener is a professional model recomended by renowned chefs. It has a 2 year warranty and will last a lifetime.

Mandolin / Vegetable Slicer Sets (Mandoline Set)

Cut, slice, chop, grate and make Julienne strips. Protect your fingers while chopping. Mandolin sets are perfect for making quick garnishes, and slicing hard or soft fruits and vegetables. They have several blades for different cuts and thicknesses. Modern Mandolines are fully dishwasher safe, ad most collapse for easier storage.


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