Potato Ricer : £20 – £25


Oxo Good Grips Adjustable Potato Ricer

Adjustable Settings, Large Basket, Pan Rest, Plastic, Soft Handles, Stainless Steel, £20 - £25

oxo good grips potato ricer

Product Information

The OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer – the only adjustable ricer we have seen! great for easy mashing and ricing of a variety of vegetables.


Grunwerg Commercial Grade Potato Ricer

Large Basket, Stainless Steel, £20 - £25

Grunwerg High Quality Stainless Steel Ricer

Product Information

Grunwerg Commercial Grade Quality Stainless Steel Ricer. Suitable For Carrots, Swede, Parsnip etc. Dishwasher Safe Seperates For Easy Cleaning


Grunwerg 3 Disc Potato Ricer

Multiple Disks, Pan Rest, Stainless Steel, £20 - £25

Grunwerg 3 Disc Ricer

Product Information

Deluxe stainless steel construction

3 interchangeable discs that allow different sized ricing

£29.99 £11.59

Zeco Aluminium Potato Ricer

Aluminium, Large Basket, Single Disk, £20 - £25

Zeco Potato Ricer

Zeco Aluminium Potato Ricer

Extra Large Aluminium Potato hopper.

Strong enough to be used on raw vegetables

Hand operated potato ricer.


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