Potato Ricer Reviews & Recommendations

Potato Ricers are not just for chefs, caterers and restaurants anymore!

Take a tip from top UK chef Gordon Ramsay and invest in a potato ricer. This extremely useful kitchen utensil can make the ultimate mashed potato, quickly puree fruit (apple sauce!), create the crispiest hash browns and allow you to master a whole host of new recipes. If you have a friend who loves kitchen gadgets then a quality stainless steel potato ricer makes a lovely and inexpensive gift that will last a lifetime. Your friend will love you for it – we promise!

So, what is a Potato Ricer, and what do I use it for?

Potato ricer Potato ricers look like a large garlic press, and work in exactly the same way. Vegetables are put inside the basket (or hopper) and the handles are squeezed together. A plunger presses the vegetables through a perforated metal disc to make thin strands (about as thick as a grain of rice – hence the name).

Most ricers allow one or two large potatos to be pressed at a time, and some come with interchangeable disks (or settings) so that vegetables can be processed in varying consistencies / thicknesses. A ricer with larger holes could be used to make spaetzle, or apple sauce for example. Making super smooth and creamy mashed potatos is the main reason that people will buy one, but the utensil can also be used to puree other vegetable like parsnips, carrots or turnips. Some recipes use a potatoe ricer to process raw vegetables – it is used in these recipes to squeeze the water from sliced or grated vegetables as a way of making fried vegetable dishes more crispy. When making mashed potato the skin left on as most of the unwanted skin collects in the basket.

The Top 10 uses for Potato Ricers!

  • 1. Use your Ricer to make ‘restaurant quality’ creamed potatos or Croquettes (ok – that was obvious!)
  • 2. Make fruit purees, or coulis (ideal for freshly made baby food or apple sauce)
  • 3. Juice oranges and lemons quickly by hand (cut them into quarters first)
  • 4. Need a giant garlic press? – put the fine disk in your potato ricer and puree a large quantity of garlic in one go
  • 5. Make crispier fried vegetables and hash browns by pressing the water out before frying. This technique is used when making Rosties
  • 6. Squeeze the water from cooked greens such as spinach when using as a filling in recipes like quiche, stuffed pasta, lasagne, crepes
  • 7. Press liver, eggs or soft cheese through your ricer rather than chopping them
  • 8. Mash sweet potato, carrots, parsnip, turnips, yams, or anything else you fancy!
  • 9. Make some traditional dished such as Lefse (a dish from Norway), Spätzle (North German noodles) and Rosties (Swiss fried potatoes),
  • 10. Buying a new potato ricer? Give the kids your old one and let them play with Play Doh or Fimo -It makes great hair!

Potato Ricer Recipes

We have a selection of lovely Recipes for you to try, and we will add more each week, so please call back soon. If you have any recipe suggestions then please send us a message, or leave a comment in one of the reviews.

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Buying a Potato Ricer – How to choose

When purchasing it is best to choose a heavy duty ricer as it will have to stand up to a fair bit of force. If it has a peg on the end of the hopper this allows the ricer to rest on a pan to make it easier to press down. Rubber handles are also a nice addition as when it gets damp it can become slippery. A further concideration might be how easy it is to clean. We try to buy all the ricers we review, and test them not only for functionality, but also for durability, and ease of use (this includes cleaning and maintanence). A ricer made of stainless steel will always stay shiny, and should last you forever, but some plastic models perform just as well out of the box, and cost half of the price. Our editors top recomendation right now is the Oxo Good Grips Potato Ricer – it’s top quality, but not overpriced, it’s adjustable (without dissmantling), and it is dishwasher safe.

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